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Madina K: A holiday that wasn't wanted

I laid in bed and blinked. I was still thinking about what just happened. It may have been the weirdest thing that ever happened to me, to be honest. And that was only ONE TERM! It was now the holidays for two weeks, but our principal told us to take four weeks off so we can become relaxed and stuff. She’s really nice! I just heard someone walk through my room. Hang on, it is just Ramineh.

“Mum’s doing laundry, do you have anything that needs to be washed?” she asks.

“What time is it?” I say.

“Uhh… 10 am,” Ramineh responds with.

“What? How? Ya know what. Lemme get up. One sec.”

I pull myself out of bed and I pick up my favourite Adidas jumper and chuck it to Ramineh. She quickly runs downstairs and gives it to Mum.

“Thanks. Change into something and let’s watch some Tripper videos that people made. My friend Layla made an account and she has made some videos. Let’s watch it.”
We go downstairs and turn on the computer. It’s a bit old. After a minute of loading, it turns old. Ramineh searches ‘tripper’. It comes up, and then she searches Layla’s user (Layla_muslim), and then a few videos come up. One is of her rating peoples DynaBlox avatar. She does mine and give is a 10/10. My avatar has brown hair that is curly, it has black wings, I have freckle-face, and I have blue jeans and a black shirt. I also have a headband thingy. I don’t play DynaBlox anymore, but I let Zoe have my account. She is SUPERNICE! Anyway, we watch a few more videos. Then Boba calls me. He talks is Afghan. I’ll translate in English.

“Madina! Ramineh! Come watch this- it’s the news-”

We go to the living room. The news lady says:

“And now, our BREAKING news, Rivka Villanova is back. It was only yesterday when this happened. Let me recap what happened. A while ago, Rivka was powerful. Then Henna Karzai and her group of friends STOPPED her. They planted a bomb in her mansion. It exploded. She swore to get revenge, and she did. The group of friend’s children, whose names are Madina, Sarah, Victoria, Zainab and Afsi, had her as their teacher. Rivka put on her best disguise, which she decided should be her most-of-the-time disguise, and pretended to be a teacher. Then, when the students had an excursion to the MCG, it was her time to shine. Little did she know that it was being recorded on live TV, right before a footy match! Rivka had a sword, so did the children. Yes, that is very concerning. Anyway, they fought. Rivka killed an innocent student who stood up for Madina. Beverley Silver was the innocent child. She was the rich girl from Bel-Air. R.I.P! Coming up after this ad, do Australians have the most ‘Karen’s’ in the world?”

Boba turns the TV off.

“Just wanted to let you know that you were going to be mentioned on the news,” Boba tells us.

“OK. Thanks,” I say.

Ramineh gestures me to go to her room. I do.

“Do you think Rivka wants me too?” Ramineh asks.

“Yeah, probably,” I say casually while fiddling with something.

“Why are you so chill?” Ramineh demands.

“Well, it’s kind of obvious-”

“What’s ‘kind of obvious’?”


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inky State Library Victoria

Yes, what's kind of obvious? We have to wait to know.

11th Jan, 21